Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Most Expensive Skate Shoes of All Time!!

A few weeks back, skate shoe company Supra released the newest sneaker from Supra rider Terry Kennedy. The high top called the TK Society comes with with an MSRP of $140 coming in as the most expensive skate shoe of all time (skate shoe in that it is manufactured by a skate shoe company but I doubt you can actually skate in this thing).

This is a ridiculous looking shoe to me. The soles almost look vulacanized although the uppers look pretty nice. I wouldn't shell out $80 for these let again $140. However, this brings up up an interesting topic that I wanted to post up. The industry's most expensive skate shoes of all time! (Not including any Nike SB in this list) Check it.

Coming in at #1 as the most expensive skate shoe to date, is the Supra TK Society at a whopping $140. (Supra and TK did a tour through a few cities across the U.S. A few cats even lined up for em', but beyond that I wonder how many units they pushed?)

At #2 is newly transplanted PJ Ladd shoe from DC Shoe Co. With an MSRP price of $120, this actual skate shoe (meaning you can actually skate in them) comes in at second place. Like the Supra TK Society, the shoe was released recently in 2009.

The #3 most expensive shoe of all time is tied with #4 as they both come from the same skater. However, I list this shoe as #3 because of its significance as the first skate shoe to ever hit the $100 mark (like the Nike Air Jordan III). In the late 90's (and the pinnacle of my skate career) the skate shoe game belonged to Es footwear. With riders including Tom Penny, Eric Koston, Chad Muska, Ronnie Creager and Sal Barbier, Es produced some of the most legendary skate shoes of all time including the Koston 1 and SLB. In 1998, Es rider Chad Muska gets his signature shoe called the Es Muska and topped as the most expensive skate shoe at $100.

Shoe #4 also comes from Chad Muska but now with a new skate shoe company in 2000. the Circa Muska CM901. With a box price of $100. This technical high top equipped with visible "air max" air bubble padding in the forefoot and heel. The best part of the shoe? Fat tounges with invisible stash pocket!!

I have no idea which shoe would come in as #5 because there were and are so many skate shoes that are in the $80-$90 range. Some noticables include The Eric Koston 1,2 and 3, Kareem Campbell's Axion's, the DC Williams, and the list goes on and on.

Excluding the Supra and DC Ladd's, I did own most of these shoes I listed for the post. I wouldn't consider myself a shoe head but I wish I would have saved all the skate shoes I've ever owned since I started skateboarding! If anything for nostalgic reasons. These shoes all have significance in my life as I can look at them and tell you exactly what was going on in my life, what I was going through, what was the trend, who I was hanging out with or what I was getting into, etc. All of my shoes like your shoes should have personal meaning but sometimes are clouded on having the most exclusive most expensive shoes which are meaningless and insignifant.
Remember, It's all about having fun and shoes are your transport. Have fun!! Skate, and support your local skateshop. Peace.


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